Kodama makes and imports authentic Japanese lamps and lanterns.

Andon (lamps) are made of wood and washi (ricepaper). Chochin (lanterns) are made of rice paper and bamboo cane. Also, Kodama sells several models that combine both bamboo and washi with high gloss lacquered wood.


Plain wooden table lamp
€ 239,-  

Lampshade (without fitting)   € 95,-

with mounting plate and fitting € 135,-

Plain wooden ceiling lamp

60 x 60 cm

€ 650,-


Plain wooden wall lamp

50 x 25 cm

€ 335,-

Chochin (lanterns)

Lantern of bamboo
and paper, untreated

(left off, right on)

43 cm high

€ 295,-

Lantern of bamboo
and paper

50 cm high

Left: € 275,-
Right: € 225,-

Lantern of bamboo
and paper

34 cm high

€ 145,-