We can manufacture our beds in several sizes and they can be combined both with traditional matrasses as well as with futons. We can also make several beds suitable for tatami to be combined with a thin futon (Moto). Futon matrasses and pillows are availabe in our workplace.

Our beds are executed from various woods, such as South Asian meranti, Canadian silver spruce (pine) and the reddish okoumé from Africa. The Pagode and the Orchidee can be dyed in different colours before applying multiple coats of clear satin lacquer. For current prices, please open the price list.



The Lotus is a simple bed, made form untreated birch plywood with white deal slats. The bed can be assembled without the use of tools or screws.

The Lotus can be ordered in every possible size.
The height is 15 cm.

For prices, see the price list.




The Orchid is made out of solid beams of silver spruce or certified meranti. The latter can be dyed in several color shades.

The Orchid can be ordered in many different sizes. Height is standard 30 cm but can vary.

The Orchid can also be made as a tatamibed. 



The orchid is available in clear laquered silver spruce (above) or meranti that can be dyed in various shades and laquered (left).

Besides the beds you see two types of bed tables to be combined with the Orchid, executed in the same wood and finish.

See the price list for prices.

The Pagode is made of Okoum
é plywood (4 cm). The height is 22 cm. The slatted base lies 10 cm underneath the surface.

The Pagode can be ordered in various sizes. It can also be made as a tatamibed (below). The Pagodebed can be ordered without the slatted base as well.





The Okoumé can be dyed in various tones. The walnut coloured Pagode (above) is combined with a latex mattress and then a thin futon moto (120x200).


New in our collection is the elevated version of the Pagode bed. The border is 30cm high.

We offer two different designs of the legs: closed (far right) and layers (below).

See the price list for prices.




The TokyoF bed is manufactured in Italy. It is made of solid laminated beech wood, treated with clear oil while the legs have a nut wood teint. The bed is available in various sizes and colours.

See the price list for prices.



This is an exclusive custom made bed. The edge is extra wide and the legs are just about out of sight

Price on request.