Kodama's futons are made of 100% pure cotton. Futons offer a rather firm support because the cotton fiber lacks elasticity. Cotton is able to absorb a lot of humidity keeping your body environment relativily dry because the moisture that your skin emits during sleep will be absorbed by the futon. Cotton feels cool in summertime because it doesn't insulate like wool but can absorb warmth. At the same time the futon doesn't feel cold in the winter as the air that is trapped between the fibers will readily assume the body temperature. Also cotton is antistatic, antiallergic and, last but not least, CO2-neutral.

Kodama offers futons in various sizes and thicknesses. Apart from the 100% cotton futons Kodama also sells futons in which the cottonlayers are combined with layers of other materials like latex, cocolatex. This way you can change the properties of the futon to meet your specific demands as far as softness, weight, rigidity and warmth-insulation is concerned. Many variations are possible.

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A 100% cotton futon, ideal for those who prefer a more solid support.

The standard futon is filled with 8 layers of cotton and 12 cm thick.




The traditional Japanese futon is thin: 4,5 to 6 cm ( 3 or 4 layers) One sleeps in Japan on this type of futon (the 'Moto') on tatamimats on the floor.

These futon are easy to handle, fold and store away if need be. It is popular as a camping matras or as matras for quests. Because of this reason customers sometimes use two Moto's on top of each other rather than one standard futon.

The Moto futon also makes an excellent base for shiatsu sessions and other types of bodywork.



Three in one
In this 'the luxe' model futon four layers of cotton are being alternated with a layer of latex , a layer of cocolatex and again one layer of latex. This way one gets a mattress that is 16cm thick and is more soft because of the latex and has extra springiness and ventilation due to the cocolatex. This model is to be used on a slat base and does not need to be turned around so often.




Latex and cotton separate
A sleeping concept that has been developed by Cotton Comfort and which has been popular over the years is the combination of a separate latex mattress with a Moto-futon on top.
The Moto futon is easy to handle, to turn and to air, while the latex underneath adds softness. The Latexmattress is 10cm thick. It has a cotton cover with a zipper. This combination is also especially wel suited for the Pagodebed.
If you have unexpected visitors you might even share one of these matrasses with them!




Cocolatex with cotton
Cocolatex gives your futon more rigidity so that it will not sag that much on certain model sofabeds. It also gives extra springiness and ventilation.
Cocolatex consists of cocofibers sprayed with latex to give it prolonged springiness.
This 15 cm futon consists of one layer of 3cm cocolatex with 4 layers of cotton on each side.



We sell futon covers in different colours and sizes. They come with a zipper on three sides.

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The above is only a limited selection from the various combinations that we offer. If you have a question concerning a specific type or size, please contact us. It takes us usually around four weeks to have your futon order ready for you.

After purchase
A new futon always seems a few cm to small. After sleeping on it for a few months the futon will compres and reach its final shape which is a few cm thinner, wider and longer.

Ventilation is very important for a futon mattress since the cottonfibre needs to be able to emit the humidity it absorbed during the night. Our slat base is designed in such a way that it offers optimal support combined with maximum ventilation. Even with this base we advice to turn or roll over your futon regularly . Also a sunbath in the summer works wonders on the cotton fibres.

If you use your futon on a solid base, on the floor or on tatami, we advice you to fold it in the morning and unfold it in the evening. Fold it the other way on the next morning and so on and so forth. This way the futon and the tatami can air regularly during the day.