Kodama has been specialised in the manufacturing of Japanese interiors for more then 25 years. We make Japanese sliding doors : both 'shoji' and 'fusuma'.

We sell futons and we make beds in Japanese style. We used to design and make these beds for Cotton Comfort which was till 2006 located on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. After they stopped we continued both the sale of the beds as well as the futons from our present location.

We also make tables, lamps and other furniture. We can even realize a complete Japanese style interior both traditional or modern. Every piece in our studio is unique, handmade and designed to your wishes and needs. We also sell lanterns and tatami-mats.

Japanese design has a timeless quality. Interior elements like shoji sliding doors, lamps and cabinets are easely combined with a modern western interior. In our shop you will find a small showroom with examples of shoji-doors, beds, futons, lamps, tatami and tables.