Tatami are Japanese floormats, 55 mm thick, consisting of tightly packed stiff rice straw with a rush cover and two black cloth borders.

Tatami are used to cover the floor in a Japanese room. On tatami it is not allowed to wear shoes.
Tatami can be put on a higher place in the room; a so called tatami platform. There one can sit
and have tea. Tatami are also used on benches or on tatami beds.



Above you can see tatami mats with Japanese chairs 'zaisu'. Zaisu are made of bowed multiplex and support the back while seated on the mats. The type as showed here costs € 79,- each.

   One can endlessly vary the composition
   of the tatami mats.



Tatami platform executed    
    in oiled Oregon pine wood.   

   At Kodama we sell tatami
   in various sizes.


Tatami are an ideal base    
    for futon matrasses.   

   Our Pagode bed with
   tatami mats.

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