Welcome at Kodama Japanese interiors

Kodama Japanese interiors has had for more then thirty years a showroom with woodworking
shop in Amsterdam. Our focus is to enrich your interior with Japanese elements.


Kodama sells for more then twenty years futons made for us in a small futon workshop. You can choose between futons filled with only cotton in different thicknesses , or if you prefer a softer support we also sell futons with additional layers of coco-latex and or latex. Finally you can compose your own futon : a ‘ custom made’ futon, especially for you.

In our shop we also sell tatami mats of different kinds and sizes and Zaisu chairs to use on the tatami or on the floor. We also import directly from Japan lamps and lanterns and also shoji paper and fusuma paper.

Woodworking shop

Behind our showroom is our woodworking shop. Here we make furniture from beds in Japanese style to Shoji sliding doors with utmost attention to detail and finishing.

Under ’Collection’ you can get an impression of the projects we have realized through the years. You are most welcome in our showroom where you will find some examples of our products. We will happy to give you explanations and to answer any question you might have.

All pieces of furniture from beds in Japanese style to Japanese shoji sliding doors are made by ourselves with much attention to details and finishing.