Futon – mattrasses

We sell futons of high quality cotton that are made being made especially for us by a very good futon making shop. We have been working together for more then 20 years. Some of our futons we can deliver straight out of our stock but others we will have to order which takes 3 to 6 weeks.

You are more then welcome to visit our showroowroom in Amsterdam Oud-West. There you can test
our futon so that you choose the futon that suites you best.


Natural materials

We believe that sleeping on a futon made of natural materials, such as cotton, cocolatex or natural latex, provides the most sleeping comfort.

With us, you can count on futons of the highest quality and natural materials for a good night’s sleep!

Materials and sizes

Frequently asked questions about futon mattresses

Not everybody is familiar with futons these days . Here we try to answer some questions you might have. If you have a different question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with an answer.

Because the cotton fiber has limited springiness a futon offers a rather firm, flat support for the body. Also cotton readily absorbs moisture. This makes the air around the body relatively dry. This makes it important that the futon has enough ventilation during the daytime so that it can emit the humidity absorbed during the night. Finally cotton is antistatic and antiallergic.

We are in favor of recycled cotton to spin yarn for clothing. But not to use in futon. The quality is low and it must be blended with polyesther fibers to improve the properties. We only use 100% cotton in our futon.

By adding layers of latex or cocolatex one can adjust springiness, softness and insulation to ones wishes.

Cocolatex consists of coconut fibers sprayed with latex. It offers springiness and ventilation.

A futon feels relatively cool in the summer because the cotton fibers do not insulate but convey the heat away. On the other hand it will not feel as cold in the winter because the air trapped in between the cotton fibers will readily assume the body temperature.

Cotton is a natural product and Co2 neutral. Our shop runs on green electricity.

A new futon is always a bit thick, and short. Within a few months it will reach it definite shape by compression. This is a natural proces that needs to happen.

Because the cotton needs to be able to emit the moisture it has absorbed during the night. Therefore we advice to fold the duvet during the day. Our bed slats are designed to offer maximal ventilation. If you store items underneath your bed make sure you do not block the air. It is important for both your health and your futon to ventilate your room as much as possible.

We make our bed slats not out of a few wide and thin slats with wide spaces in between but out of many narrow thick slats with narrow spaces in between. Of course this is more work and demands higher quality wood but this way we can combine optimal support of your futon with maximal ventilation since 50% of the bed slats is open. Also because of the thicker slats the bed is less springy and offers a more solid support. All this means that our bed slats are without a doubt the best on the futonmarket.

If you sleep with the futon on the floor the best strategy is to fold it with sheet and all during the day. One day one way, so that the bottom of one half of the futon can dry, the next day the other way etc etc. This is not possible with futon with cocolatex inside because those futons do not bend easy enough. Also check from time to time underneath your futon: does it feel humid in the morning? In some house there is higher humidity then in others. Keep your bedroom always well ventilated.

It is a good custom with any mattress to turn it when you change your sheets or at least once a month. This way you do not always sleep on the same spot and your mattress will last longer. This is especially true for futons. People who choose a futon prefer a somewhat firm, non springy mattress to sleep on. Still in the beginning futons appear rather soft. This is because of the air that is trapped in between the cotton fibers. By sleeping on the futon you press out a part of this air and a natural proces of the futon becoming thinner and more firm takes place. This way the futon reaches its final shape. If, during this proces, you would always lay on the same spot you would notice what appears to be a dent on that spot. The solution is to vary your postion. This will even out this difference in thickness. So a dent like that does not indicate wear like it does in a polyether mattress. So, also when using our bed slats, we advice you to turn your futon regularly. And in summer, when the sun is shining treat your futon to a sunbath : it works wonders on the cotton fibres.

We do have futons in stock but not all and not always. We prefer to sell ‘fresh’ futon to our customers. If we have to order your futon it will take 3 to 6 weeks.

For hygienic reasons we cannot take back a futon when the package has been opened.

Yes we offer a full guarantee against all production faults.