Shoji – sliding doors

Shoji are Japanese sliding doors made of a wooden lattice pasted on one side with translucent paper. Shoji offer privacy and can have a surprising calming effect on the interior. With their simple lines and natural materials they are never too prominently present. Yet they bring a delightful peace and a new balance to a room.

Shoji sliding doors can be used in front of glass doors and windows , as a dividing wall, or in front of a wardrobe. Shoji can also be made as a folding screen that can function as a room divider.

nb : After accepting some big orders we’re very busy and can unfortunately not make calculations for shoji in the coming months

Custom made shoji

We make shoji to measure and in various models. To go with them we sell different kinds of paper and also paper that is extra strong. We can also order handmade shoji paper.

Shoji come with upper- and lower tracks as well as side posts.