Sukiya – traditional Japanese interiors

The classic Japanese Sukiya style dates from the 17th century and has it roots in the teaceremony architecture of Zen buddhism. In the past Kodama made complete interiors in this style. We made Japanese rooms, so-called ‘Washitsu’ but also bigger spaces like Dojo and therapy session rooms.
The Sukiya style has been a source of inspiration for many generations of architects and designers from all over the world

In balance

Characteristic of the Sukiya style is the use of untreated wood , tatami mats on the floor, walls made of clay, shoji doors that filter the light, fusuma doors that divide spaces, and a ceiling of
wooden planks , reeds or bamboo. All dimensions are related to each other and in balance. The Tokonoma serves as a focal point of attention..

Here we share some pictures of our work.