Tatami – Japanse mats

Tatami are traditional Japanese mats that cover the floor in a Japanese house. They consist of an interior of tightly compressed rice straw covered with a rush cover of woven Iguza reeds. The two long sides are finished with black cloth borders. A tatami mat is 56 mm thick and can weigh up to
28 kg!

We also sell a thinner modern version, 15 mm thick, filled with a thin rice straw fibre sheet.

Restful flooring with tatami

Tatami cover the entire floor or a separate part of the floor in Japan but can also be applied on a raised dais or on a tatami bed. This way one can create a spot to chill, rest or drink a tea. Tatami mats offer a very nice floorcovering. They are firm but not hard, they insulate, dampen noise and regulate moisture. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth or a vacuüm cleaner. One never ever wears shoes on the tatami.

Zaisu – Japanese chairs

On this picture you see Zaisu chairs on the tatami. Zaisu chairs are meant to sit on the tatami. They are made of bend plywood and offer a nice support for your back. Not having legs they do not damage the tatami.

Zaisu costs € 90,- a piece. They can either be lacquered clear or black. We also sell cotton pillows to go with them.